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Over the past thirty seven years, Agri-Tree Experts continue a passion for tree trimming, tree removal and pruning that not only enhances the look of your property, but maximizes outdoor living for you and your family. Our mission is to beautify San Antonio one tree at a time. Our close attention to detail, certified arborists, and fully trained and insured tree trimming crew, make Agri Tree Experts the #1 choice for tree services in San Antonio.
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Year round professional aborist and tree service in San Antonio & Texas Hill Country. Agri-Tree Experts was founded by Bob Miniel in 1979.  Now employing an experienced crew of tree trimmers, pruners, certified ISA Arborist consultants and specialized tree service equipment, we are proud to serve your tree maintenance needs in San Antonio... at a very affordable cost.

9-1-1 Tree Emergency  Has a large tree fallen on your house? Do you need emergency tree removal? Are dead trees about to collapse? Is a dangerous tree growing into your power lines?  Did rain or floods knock down heavy branches that you can't move?  Call the Agri Tree Experts: (210)826-9868.


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Cabling, bolting, moss removal and tree branch service

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Tree Trimming

Agri Tree Experts brings certified arborists and experienced tree trimmers, to shape your trees.  

Tree pruning and trimming is truly an art form.   As your tree grows from a young seedling well into a mature tree, there are numerous benefits to skillfully pruning a tree.  The best tree pruner will control the direction of the branches, and direct the tree's branches away from windows or power lines.  Tree pruners provide an admirable service to our trees in san antonio, but unfortunately, a dangerous one.  Many trees are very tall, and for tree trimmers to remove the branches, we provide our tree experts with special safety equipment and braces to help them reach the highest branches on your tree.   Here, our brave pruners continue shaping the tree's branches by performing tree surgery if necessary, repairing splits, using tree trimmers to provide pruning service to branches, while simultaneously removing tree branches which pose a danger or are aesthetically unpleasing.  When it's time to get rid of unwanted branches, did you know some of the branches they lop off while pruning a tree can weigh hundreds of pounds? It's a tough job, but our tree experts love to do it! 

Our experienced tree pruners and tree trimming services are available in san antonio year round. We have the best know-how to trim a tree. If you need us to trim trees, give us a call today.

Tree service in san antonio

Agri Tree Experts is a tree service business. We provide routine pruning and trimming services, as well as advanced tree services (tree felling, tree clearing, pest control, cabling, bolting) by certified arborists in the san antonio area.

We will be more than happy to service your tree. Whether you have saplings in need of a professonally fertilized tree planting service overseen by licensed arborists...  Perhaps you have areas on your property that require tree felling by experts trained in safely removing dangerous trees.... We provide residential tree service as well as commercial tree services such as cabling and stabilizing trees, tree lopping, or scheduled maintenance and pruning.  Agri Tree Expert's skilled tree experts will help you in removing a small tree, removing more than one tree, removing dead trees, and removing large trees such as palm trees and oaks. Agri Tree Experts specializes in removing dangerous trees - such as those that are leaning, dead trees that have rotted and could behave unpredictably coming down, or trees growing under power lines on your property.    We are even on call if you need an emergency tree services - such as if lightning strikes your tree. 

Our experienced tree pruners and advanced tree services are available in san antonio and the Texas hill country at an affordable cost. Give us a call today. 

Certified Isa arborists

Don't leave your trees in the hands of the unskilled.  You've invested too much in your landscape and your property.  A fly-by-night person could easily make mistakes that would damage your property, kill your tree or lead to serious human injuries.  Here at Agri Tree Experts, we use licensed arborists to consult on our tree service projects.  Our company is fully insured,  We have invested 20 years into training our crew how to remove dangerous trees safely, and invested in safety equipment.  When you need a tree doctor, a professional arborist, call Agri Tree Experts.  We'll do the job right.

stump Removal

One of the calls we receive most frequently is a client asking us to remove a tree stump for them.  Removing stumps is one of those improvements that can visually transform a home or landscape in only a few hours.  At Agri Tree Experts, our specialized stump grinders are able to remove stumps completely, even in very small backyards, and areas with limited access. The sharp blades of our expert -operated stump grinders reach below the ground level, so you don't have pieces of stump sticking out of the ground as would happen if you tried to remove the stump using normal equipment, such as a hand saw.  It would be nearly impossible to completely remove the stumps that way.  If you attempted to do this yourself, you could easily be injured by chainsaw kickbacks, as the removal of tree stumps can be dangerous.  Our easy stump removal uses large commercial stump grinders or specialty stump grinders for use in hard-to-access small spaces, operated by a skilled tree expert, after he removes any tree branches or protrusions from the stump by hand.  He then uses tree stump removing equipment which safely reduces the stump into mulch. We are proud to be a green company. The stumps (and trees) we remove are not added to the landfill, but recycled and converted into mulch - used to beautify and nourish other home and business landscapes in san antonio & the Texas hill country.  

Do you have a stubborn stump you need removed? Give us a call today. 

"Beautifying San Antonio One Tree At a Time"

"San Antonio arborist providing professional tree service since 1979."

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Residential / Commercial Tree Service Near Me

Best tree service crew sent to your home or office in San Antonio. We trim trees, prune, and perform advanced tree service throughout San Antonio (210) 826-9868: 
Alamo Heights 78209
Balcones Heights 78229
Brooks City Base
Castle Hills 78213, 78216
China Grove 78263
Converse 78109
Downtown San Antonio
Hill Country Village 78232
Hollywood Park 78248, 78232
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Sea World | West San Antonio
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Terrell Hills 78234, 78209
Universal City 78148
Windcrest 78239

texas Hill Country

Call us at (210) 826 - 9868 for residential tree service at your home or commercial tree services in and near San antonio, including:
Atascosa 78002
Boerne 78006
Bulverde 78163
Castroville 78009
Cibolo 78108
Devine 78016
Elmendorf 78112
Fair Oaks Ranch 78015
Floresville 78114
Garden Ridge 78266
Helotes/Grey Forest 78023
La Coste 78039
La Vernia 78121
Lytle 78052
Natalia 78059
New Braunfels 78132
Santa Clara 78124
Seguin 78155
Smithson Valley 78133
Somerset 78073, 78069
Spring Branch 78070
Sutherland Springs 78161

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Testimonial with link. Mauris massa. Vestibulum lacinia arcu eget nulla. Class aptent taciti CoffeeCup makes the vibe per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos.

Testimonial with link. Mauris massa. Vestibulum lacinia arcu eget nulla. Class aptent taciti CoffeeCup makes the vibe per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos.

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